Mark’s photographic style is owed much to his view of the world. As a kid he was always aware of his surroundings, finding beauty in the most unusual places. Fascinated by the intricacies of worlds within worlds. An award winning graphic designer, Mark has always worked to find the balance between organic and geometric visual elements. He agrees with Charles Eames, “Design is in the details” – which he feels applies to both his design and photographic aesthetic.

As a designer Mark has worked with industry giants such as Nike, Fujitsu, TaylorMade, adidas, Jerry Bruckheimer, and K2 to name a few. For years Mark has been incorporating his photography into his design work –combining his two creative passions. A natural transition, Mark has taken his carefully trained eye and extensive design ability and applied it further into advertising and fine art photography. Regardless of the kind of project he is working on, Mark is always focused on capturing the beauty and essence of his subject.

Mark is represented by Zahara Reps

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